Creative Nonfiction Class: How to Write, Share and Sell your Story

Held at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles: 

In this 7 week course we will study the popular genre of narrative nonfiction in the form of personal essays. Personal essays show up everywhere from the New York Times to Salon to Buzzfeed. Everybody has a story. Learn how to tell yours. You will read beautiful and successful works in the genre and learn how to craft your own. Emphasis on finding your story, how to sustain a writing practice, developing an arc of change and including vivid details in your work. You will receive direct teacher feedback: both on the big-picture and in line edits. We will also discuss how to successfully submit your work, once ready, for publication.

The goal is to create a polished essay-length work of creative nonfiction, hone your skills for publication including understanding pitches and cover letters, and develop a set of tools for an ongoing writing practice. Brand new and experienced writers are welcome

Dates: 4/04/17 - 5/16/17  

Times: 7:00 PM - 9:15 PM

Where: 1 LMU Drive, Pereira Bldg room 109, on the bluff overlooking the Pacific!



Sarah works one-on-one with writers, helping them tell their stories from conception to publication. She specializes in creative nonfiction, poetry, how-to's for publication and the connection between contemplative and creative practice. Use the contact form on this site for more information.


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"Sarah Herrington has an amazing mind.  I worked closely with her on a book for Rodale called Wanderlust.  The book was a complicated project involving over 70 contributors.  Not only did Sarah have to collect and edit all of the contributed material (no easy task!), she also had to create a consistent voice for the book as a whole.  I often stared at some of the contributions, paralyzed as to how to make sense of them.  Sarah always managed to make them flow, sometimes with a complete overhaul and often with just a simple turn of phrase.  It never seemed like work for her.  She loves what she does and that's probably why she's so damned good at it." 

-Jeff Krasno, co-founder of Wanderlust, LA

"Sarah's writing guidance was invaluable. Her notes were insightful and always encouraging. I grew as a writer and a person working with her on my story."

-Amy Wolfe, freelance writer NY, NY

"As a teacher who is in constant professional development and classes for certification, I can tell you that practical, well-organized and meaningful teachings go a long way."

-Continuing Education Student, NY, NY

"I'm thinking about the Earth, about the nurturing ecology of poetry and consciousness. I would like to thank Spaceship Sarah for always moving, and now we must all work as hard as we can to keep up!"

-Bob Holman, founder and director of the Bowery Poetry Club and Bowery Books

"We're fortunate to have this intense, imaginative voice rallying against the despair, reminding us that as long as we are breathing, seeing, loving we are fully alive and well."

-Leza Lowitz, author of Yoga Poems and Yoga Heart: Lines on the Six Perfections